M&M Theatrical Productions performing Oliver Twist

M&M Theatrical Productions put on an amazing performance of Oliver Twist in our school hall on Friday . We were transported to Victorian London and were immersed in the Classic Charles Dickens story, with amazing songs and set designs to keep us all enthralled. The pupils sat so well throughout it all from Acorns all the way to Post 16! We were all so engrossed that I didn’t have time to take any photos!

Lots of students came to see me after the show to tell me their thoughts:
“I’d give it 10 out of 10”
“It made me cry- it was so emotional”
“That Bill Sykes is so mean and nasty”
A big thank you to the wonderful Happy Days Charity who funded the majority of the cost and without whom we may not have been able to afford to give the students of Mountjoy this amazing experience.

Also, a thank you to our wonderful Friends Of Mountjoy School, who funded the remainder of the cost so that all students could enjoy the performance with no cost to families.