At Mountjoy, we believe that every young person should be exposed to literacy learning and most of our children and young people are able to develop the skills they need to read and write. At Mountjoy reading and writing is linked to communication development.

To support the process of learning to read we use a systematic phonics programme called ‘Read Write Inc Phonics’ . It is a government approved, structured programme which we adapt to suit the needs of our groups and individuals. Each group is arranged according to their phonics knowledge and are monitored regularly to allow movement between groups and interventions where necessary.

Whilst in a RWInc group your child will bring home a paper copy of their phonics reading book to share with you at home- this may also be sound cards or a one-page text .

In the older year groups, we use ‘Fresh Start’ which follows the same pathway and routines as RWInc but with age-appropriate books/texts.

Below are some links to help to understand phonics. RWInc and how to say each sound so that you can support your child reading at home.

To find out more about Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. Phonics click here

Parent video: What is Read Write Inc Phonics – YouTube

Parent video: How to say the sounds – YouTube

Parent video: Understanding Phonics – YouTube


At Mountjoy we are also now using a digital reading record called ‘BoomReader’.

This amazing app helps us to keep a digital record of your child’s reading- both at home and at school. No more lost or soggy reading record books!

Every book, audio book, shared read recorded on the app will be archived so that your child’s reading journey is kept safe and can be looked back on as they move through the school.

If you would prefer a paper reading record, please ask your child’s teacher as we will have some available in school.

Please click here for BoomReader Parents information.

Sharing reading with your child is an amazing activity to do at home. Reading for our pupils can take on many forms and is a great way to communicate and learn. This poster form the Education Endowment Fund gives some great tips on reading with your child.

We love to see what/ how you are reading at home – using the BoomReader app can help us and you to keep track of all the wonderful reading you do.  BoomReader Parents (boomhub.app)

Here are some links to stories that your child can listen to and/or watch being read to them:
and here is a website that you can read books on for free- for those older or more independent readers (lots of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books on this site !
Please add any stories that your child listens to, shares or reads with you on the BoomReader app