Mountjoy School offers Outreach support to local schools in West Dorset and has been doing very successfully for a number of years. A number of  our experienced staff are involved in supporting special schools alongside mainstream primary and secondary schools in the development of their practice with SEN pupils.

Sue Gurney-Legg – Outreach Evaluations Comments:

Most useful aspects:

  • The resources provided as well as in class support
  • The practical classroom reorganisation and manual dexterity suggestions
  • Arranging visits to Mountjoy, these sessions have really helped us move forward with s and his family
  • An independent point of view to help us assess how effective our provision is and how we can improve it further
  • Having a practising teacher advise rather than a consultant is great.
  • Ideas to use visuals and seeing examples, visit to Mountjoy and assessment ideas

Changes since Outreach support

  • He has become less anxious in school and he has become more resilient
  • She is more willing and confident to tackle work and able to see what is expected each lesson and is not used to the small steps pattern of her lessons
  • More confident in all settings, this is because we are enabling him to achieve
  • Extensive visuals to aid transitions, then managed most of two day transition to Colefox successfully and took part in 1 night of residential visit
  • Much calmer and less frustrated
  • Becoming more independent through visual cue cards

Any Other Comments

  • Sue is enthusiastic and knowledgeable
  • An excellent service
  • Thank you for the whole staff training session, the outreach support has benefitted the whole staff team
  • Sue is always such a help and very good with staff and parents

To access Outreach Services from Mountjoy please visit: https://tadss.co.uk/outreach-services/