Inclusion at Mountjoy School takes a variety of different forms, best suited to the individual.

Pupils work together in different groups within Mountjoy School, in the local community and with other mainstream and special schools to celebrate learning together.

Pupils may come together for sport, music dance and creative activities or to work on specific core subject areas.

All inclusion opportunities are planned with individual needs and interests at the heart.  Most of the inclusion work we take part in is planned into the daily curriculum.

There are occasions when pupils may go on inclusion placements to another school to enrich their learning.  This placement may take a more formal route and will be discussed at the pupil’s person centred review.

We have some pupils who are dual-registered with us and a mainstream school.  For these pupils, the collaborative decision has been made that the needs of the individual can be best met by combining special and mainstream experiences to maximise learning and opportunity.

Mountjoy also welcomes pupils from mainstream settings for inclusion opportunities within our own school.

Mountjoy also provides weekly Buddies sessions in collaboration with The Children’s Centre.

Mr. Keith Hales, Headteacher of Beaminster School said “I am delighted by the success of the co-location between Beaminster and Mountjoy schools.  It has brought great benefits for both of us which include student leadership opportunities, team working, project planning and the additional range of unique skills that both staff can draw on.”


Mountjoy go to Woodroffe to take part in some Drama and PE activities. Mountjoy pupils range in age from 10 to 18 and are joined by Woodroffe students.  The Mountjoy and Woodroffe students are “buddied” up and the Woodroffe students become their friend and support for the day. Workshops are run and all the students work together. All have a fantastic time and everyone involved learns a lot from the experience. Here are some of the Year 9 comments when asked whether they would recommend the experience to others

Blake“Definitely. It was so enjoyable for us and for them. I think it is also really important to be able to have this experience for our learning, especially in drama as it is important in drama to communicate and this was good practice.”

Grace K“Yes I would because it was very fulfilling and it really helps with confidence.”

Ellyn,“Definitely, it was very fulfilling and enjoyable.”

Natalie“Yes as it is an amazing learning experience and tests our patience and kindness.”

Rosa“Yes because it taught me lots of skills.”

Gracie“It was so great.”

Robert, “It was an extremely fulfilling experience.”

Grace“It made me really happy to see the Mountjoy students happy and I have taken away lots from this experience.”

Tom“It puts you out of your comfort zone and you can learn so much.”

Dulcie“It is very enriching and makes you speak to and work with people you probably wouldn’t normally.”

Tillie, “I would because it expands your social and communication skills.”

Aleena, “The experience widens your perspective on children with disabilities that they are just like us.”

Sam“I really had fun and was sad when they left.”