Aims, Ethos and Mission Statement

Our Vision:

We want to prepare our children and young people for adult life so they have options and aspirations. They need to be confident and happy so they can thrive in the real world.


Our mission:

  • Every day we concentrate on teaching knowledge and skills so that our pupils can deepen understanding of the wider world, cultivate personal attributes like emotional awareness, empathy and self-regulation and develop the learning virtues of curiosity, creativity and collaboration.
  • Every person in our school community uses good thinking and learning to raise expectations for all. Teachers research their own professional practice to make it effective, engaging and fun, and share knowledge which each other modelling collaboration to their learners.
  • Learning happens everywhere in school and outdoors; we strive to engage the wider community including parents and employers so that learning continues beyond school hours.

Our values:

Passion – use time well and enjoy it; life is precious

Respect – treat others properly; we are all equal, we are stronger together

Optimism – be hopeful; imagine the best future and make it happen

Understanding – walk in someone else’s footsteps; help each other

Determination – strive to overcome obstacles; we can make it work

We are proud to be Mountjoy School