Oak Class Theatre Trip January 2024

On Monday 22nd January Oak class went on a theatre trip to Dorchester!! Dorchester Arts had organised ‘Frozen Light’ specialist PMLD theatre company to visit the Corn Exchange with their ‘Bar at the Edge of Time’ show. We were able to have the whole session to ourselves. The show was based around a cocktail bar with the performers being the bar tenders then the musicians at a gig. Throughout the session the cast were really looking to see how our students reacted, encouraging them to touch, smell and taste items they had to show; their mocktails were delicious and the smoke machine bubbles were fun to watch…….and pop! Once the music started the students were encouraged up dance, the ping pong balls on the drums was quite spectacular – we were even allowed to bring some home! All in all a lovely afternoon, we’ll definitley be keeping an eye out for more Frozen light performances