Ash Class – Asker Meadows Nature Reserve

For the past 18 months Oak and Ash class having been volunteering at the Asker Meadows Nature Reserve in Bridport.  With funding from Bournemouth University and the support of Wen Fern and the volunteers we have collected litter, monitored water in the River Asker and planted trees.  Alongside this artist Sarah-Jane Ross and poet Jonny Fluffypunk have gathered their ideas to create some amazing pieces of work.  The project has allowed them to experience the meadows as a community space close to our school.  The work produced has expressed their experiences through poetry and art and really captured the joy of being out in nature and caring for the environment.  It’s better than being in the classroom according to one student.

On Monday 15th January we held an exhibition at Bridport Town Hall as a celebration of their hard work welcomed by the Mayor of Bridport.  A group of students read poetry alongside Jonny Fluffypunk and everyone got to view their amazing art work and poems.  Each student was presented with a book of the poems, a certificate naming them as official litter pickers by the Mayor of Bridport and their own litter pickers (pinchy num nums).  If you would like to purchase one of the books of poems they are available from the school for £5 (any money raised will go back into the Nature Reserve project).