Magdelen Farm Elm & Juniper Class December 2023

Our 2nd visit to the farm for some of Juniper and Elm pupils.
A cold and damp morning greeted us for our visit. Even Icicles were seen on the thatched roof of our base the round house. We were talked through the rules of the farm before snack.  First we fed the goats, off we went with a hand full of hay each. We each took turns to give the goats the hay. Once finished we went into the field to say hello, some more than others enjoyed this experience.  After this we collected food for the pigs, everyone helping to carry a bucket up to the pens. Everyone helped to feed them a little persuasion was needed for some that it would be ok.  Next the chickens, we all had a good look around and some attempted to persuade the chickens to eat from their hands but the chickens were very timid so unsuccessful this time. Everyone got to collect an egg to put in the bucket.
Then back to the round house which still had icicles on the roof for lunch.
Once warmed up a little and after our lunch, it was decided that we would call it a day.  It was just too cold to venture up to the allotment, so we packed up and went back to school.  A great time had by all even if it was cold.
Thanks again to the staff of Magdalen farm for making it another great day.